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Produkty w kategorii ebooki (j. angielski)

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No Hand To Hold & No Legs To Dance On - A Thalidomide Survivor's Story
While the battle for the compensation of Thalidomide victims was raging in the 1970s, former Labour MP Jack Ashley asked in...
cena: 47.47
(netto: 38.59)
Dziewczyna, która nie ma wspomnień
Dziewczyna, która nie ma wspomnień to doskonale napisany i trzymający w napięciu kryminał, w którym...
cena: 12.02
(netto: 9.77)
Norweskie Słonie
Monika Zimoch ma po dość swej pracy, nadwagi i statusu kobiety wolnej. Drażnią ją nawet słonie, które od lat...
cena: 12.02
(netto: 9.77)
Nothing Without a Woman
Les Hansom writes an erotic and humorous collection of stories that dares to delve into the wicked realm of male sexual...
cena: 37.96
(netto: 30.86)
Trzy punkty dla miłości . Three Points for Love
Magda ma 16 lat, chłopaka, który nie może zrozumieć, że jest byłym chłopakiem, tatę, półtorej mamy i...
cena: 12.02
(netto: 9.77)
Weird Websites
There are 162,042,117,562 websites on the internet. Of these 161,983,424,031 can certainly be considered strange. But there...
cena: 23.70
(netto: 19.27)
Toute Allure
There is so much to look forward to in the months ahead – to lengthening evenings, bike rides past fields of...
cena: 43.76
(netto: 35.58)
There were five rules of Twitchhiker: I can only accept offers of travel and accommodation from people on Twitter. I...
cena: 43.76
(netto: 35.58)
Consumer behavior on international market
Overall, author’s intention is to combine the latest theoretical concepts with up-to-date examples of consumer...
cena: 52.50
(netto: 42.68)
Elf na Ziemi
Pewnego dnia Jacek Górski, rozwiedziony pracoholik na wysokim stanowisku, zaczyna słyszeć głos dobiegający...
cena: 12.02
(netto: 9.77)
Nie wywołuj faceta z lasu
Nie wywołuj faceta z lasu to powieść reprezentująca nurt zabawnej i nieco figlarnej literatury kobiecej. Przepis na...
cena: 12.02
(netto: 9.77)
Game Set and Matched
This is what Iain Fletcher's one year as a 'pro' on the betting exchanges had come down to - 80 minutes on a mid table Rugby...
cena: 47.47
(netto: 38.59)
Mission Mongolia
'It was an empty landscape now with huge horizons in every direction, a compressed, steam-rollered desert where man had no...
cena: 51.41
(netto: 41.80)
A Gentlemans Guide to Calculating Winning Bets
A Racing Ready Reckoner. One of the most comprehensive and useful ready reckoners ever published and, with a simple guide to...
cena: 37.96
(netto: 30.86)
Mrs D'Silva's Detective Instincts and the Shaitan of Calcutta
In a hugely enjoyable read, Glen Peters recaptures the tastes and atmospheres of 1960s India with a vivid and engaging novel...
cena: 42.71
(netto: 34.72)
Risk in Banking: A Post-Crisis Perspective
In Risk in banking. A post-crisis perspective Leszek Czarnecki tries to analyze a financial crisis of 2007-2008, and...
cena: 49.50
(netto: 40.24)
Blood on the Sand
Inspector Andy Horton’s holiday peace is shattered when stepping out across an abandoned golf course on the Isle of...
cena: 55.90
(netto: 45.45)
Simply Business
Simply business written by Leszek Czarnecki is a book based on his experience and lessons learned. This book is...
cena: 49.50
(netto: 40.24)
Miłość na wakacjach. Love Takes a Holiday
Słońce, gorący piasek Teneryfy i luksusowa willa, w której Emi spędza wakacje z rodzicami, bratem i...
cena: 12.02
(netto: 9.77)
Forecasting Methods for Horseracing
Computer-based forecasting methods are no longer restricted to the traditional statistical methods. Knowledge-based...
cena: 71.20
(netto: 57.89)
Greyhound Racing to Win
A comprehensive beginner's guide to Greyhound Racing, this book outlines why, for those who like to bet, greyhound racing...
cena: 33.21
(netto: 27.00)
The Development of Coca-Cola Advertising Campaigns (1886-2007)
From the very beginning of our civilization we are exposed to the influence of advertising in a variety of forms. The key to...
cena: 18.15
(netto: 14.76)
Dead Man's Wharf
Horton and Cantelli are called to a nursing home where an elderly resident, suffering from dementia, claims she's been...
cena: 55.90
(netto: 45.45)
Fixed Odds Sports Betting
Few people manage to make money from gambling; fewer still make a living from it. Written for hardened and novice sports...
cena: 61.71
(netto: 50.17)