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Produkty w kategorii biografie

Menagerie Manor
Most children at the tender age of six or so are generally full of the most impractical schemes for becoming policemen,...
cena: 8.06
(netto: 6.55)
No Hand To Hold & No Legs To Dance On - A Thalidomide Survivor's Story
While the battle for the compensation of Thalidomide victims was raging in the 1970s, former Labour MP Jack Ashley asked in...
cena: 47.47
(netto: 38.59)
Cats in the Belfry
It wasn’t that Sugieh was particularly wicked. It was just that she was a Siamese.’ Animal lovers Doreen Tovey and her...
cena: 7.05
(netto: 5.73)
The Coming of Saska
But why did it have to happen to us? Because he was a Siamese, of course, with his own ideas on things… Doreen Tovey...
cena: 35.63
(netto: 28.97)
Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons
On this speck of volcanic soil in the middle of a vast sea, a complete, unique and peaceful world was created slowly and...
cena: 8.06
(netto: 6.55)
Double Trouble
The behaviour of a Siamese cat is never predictable, as all owners well know. The calm of the Tovey household is once again...
cena: 7.05
(netto: 5.73)
Cats in May
All our animals showed their independence at a dishearteningly early age.’ The Toveys attempt to settle down to a quiet...
cena: 7.05
(netto: 5.73)
The New Boy
‘So there we were, driving along with an earth-box, a bag of turkey and, squalling his head off on my knee in Sheba’s...
cena: 35.63
(netto: 28.97)
Blue Blood on the Mat
The story of Athol Oakley, one of the greatest wrestlers of our time, and the bloody world of wrestling in the early 1900s....
cena: 40.73
(netto: 33.11)