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Produkty w kategorii humor

Revenge - 101 Things to Do When You've Been Dumped
So you've found yourself young, free and single again. This is a guide to getting your own back. From hoaxes to hit-and-run,...
cena: 15.23
(netto: 12.38)
Little Book of Failure
Here is a compendium of also-rans and never-made-its. We're talking Betamax, the Sinclair C5, puffball skirts, sporks, the...
cena: 20.34
(netto: 16.54)
You Know You're a Child of the 70's When…
Roobarb and Custard… Lycra… Space Hoppers… Kermit and Miss Piggy… Ziggy Stardust… platform Boots... Worzel...
cena: 5.04
(netto: 4.10)
How To Chat-up Babes
Full of tips to boost your confidence with the opposite sex, no single bloke should enter a bar without this package tucked...
cena: 10.14
(netto: 8.24)
You Know You're a Child of the 60's When…
Flower Power… The Beatles… Thunderbirds… The Space Race… Breakfast at Tiffany’s… Woodstock… Serge...
cena: 5.04
(netto: 4.10)
Little Book of Essential Rude Words
Ever wondered how many rude words existed to describe the unmentionable? Tarnish your tongue with this colloquial collection...
cena: 15.23
(netto: 12.38)
Little Book of Office Bollocks
The real use for the photocopier, pulling a stylish sickie, and avoiding Norman the techie: we've all been there. This book...
cena: 15.23
(netto: 12.38)
Does Anything Eat Shit? - And 101 Other Crap Questions and Answers
Have moles always lived in holes? Why are blondes so stupid? How much radiation can a pickled onion withstand? The...
cena: 40.73
(netto: 33.11)
Shag Yourself Slim - The Most Enjoyable Way to Lose Weight
Losing weight isn't rocket science: eat less and move more, and it will happen. The link between sex and slimming is also...
cena: 15.23
(netto: 12.38)
Hints on Etiquette - And the Usages of Society
"Well-bred people arrive as nearly at the appointed dinner hour as they can. It is a very vulgar assumption of importance...
cena: 40.73
(netto: 33.11)