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Produkty w kategorii historia

Sex: Avoided Subjects Discussed in Plain English (1922)
An unusual treatise on sex education, dating back to 1922 in America. There is a strong bias towards abstinence and indeed...
cena: 22.14
(netto: 18.00)
Nelson continues to fascinate academics as well as the general public. He is still considered one of Britain’s...
cena: 43.80
(netto: 35.61)
The History of Witchcraft
Witchcraft has recently been undergoing a huge popular revival, but does modern pagan witchcraft really bear any resemblance...
cena: 43.80
(netto: 35.61)
Urban Legends
To many, Urban Legends are nothing more than harmless tales told round a camp fire, in a dormitory or round a table in a pub...
cena: 22.14
(netto: 18.00)
Pirates and Privateers
From Robert Louis Stevenson’s 'Treasure Island' to Errol Flynn in 'Captain Blood' on to today’s 'Pirates of the...
cena: 47.72
(netto: 38.80)
The Key to the Da Vinci Code
What is the Da Vinci code and what is all the fuss about? Despite being a work of fiction, the best-selling novel The Da...
cena: 40.73
(netto: 33.11)
The Mystery of Rennes-Le-Chateau
The mystery of Rennes-le-Château has inspired treasure hunts, theories about the origins of Christianity, and the...
cena: 50.90
(netto: 41.38)
The Holy Grail
The Holy Grail is a subject that fascinates and intrigues. Through its various guises as magic cauldron, cornucopia, horn of...
cena: 43.80
(netto: 35.61)
The Secret Island of the Holy Grail
The quest for the Holy Grail has stirred popular imagination for almost a thousand years, not least in the tales of King...
cena: 50.90
(netto: 41.38)